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Why Choose Our Investment Property Buyers Agent

We are investors ourselves

We practice what we preach and are in a unique position in that our Director was a client of the business, building an impressive portfolio before buying it in 2007.
This provides unique insight into what is important from a client’s perspective and ensures that all our investment property buyers’ agents deliver the outcomes required to build wealth through property.

Expertise in the Melbourne Property Market

At Buyers Advocate we have over 30 years of company experience in helping property investors in the Australian property market and understand what makes a good investment.

It is important when you engage an investment property buyers agent, they have experience in the local market they are recommending. There are sub-markets and opportunities available at any given point in time due to demographics, economic development, gentrification, roads and infrastructure to name a few.

Most importantly, we provide extensive and detailed due diligence. We understand that every purchase has an opportunity cost, and we want to ensure that all of our clients purchase property in the top 2% of investment-grade options for their budget.

We can deliver this given our focus, extensive knowledge of the Melbourne market, and our relationships with local agents to gain access to the best opportunities.

Tailored Investment Strategies

We understand that everyone is different and one strategy for one client may not suit another.
Whether you are seeking capital growth or consistent income &/or taxation benefits over the short, medium or long term, we take the time to understand our client’s needs and develop strategies/solutions to achieve their objectives.
Property is not a product you buy off the shelf. There are constant movements and you need to be flexible and nimble to identify the best areas and property types to invest in for your budget.

Negotiation Skills and Experience

With over $3 billion in purchases we have the experience and skills to negotiate the best outcomes.


Once we have identified the property it is all about securing the property for the lowest price and putting our clients in a position of strength to do so.

Our insights into how a selling agent and agencies operate give our investors a distinct advantage over other buyers.
It also requires the discipline to walk away from an option if our due diligence uncovers something we are unhappy with or the price exceeds what we are willing to pay.

Access to Off-Market Properties

We have great relationships with agents that give us access to pre-market opportunities and off market properties whereby the vendor has a genuine motivation to sell in that manner.

Our Services

Establish Criteria/Strategy

Property Sourcing

Comprehensive Market Analysis & Due Diligence

Negotiation & Purchase Support

If the property is being auctioned;

Post Purchase Support & Ongoing Investment Advice

After the property investment purchase, we will hold your hand right up until settlement, including organising and assisting with the final inspection.
Once the property does settle as part of our ongoing service to our investor clients, we also offer a client focused end to end Property Management service to assist you in making the most from your investment.
As part of that service we also continually review your property and whether it is meeting your objectives.
Our property managers can also assist with ongoing advice to not allow maximise your rental return but what improvements that can be made to maximise your capital growth.
In addition to our service, we can also put you in touch with other trusted and professional property experts such as mortgage brokers, conveyancers, building and pest inspectors.

How We Help You Achieve Your Investment Goals

Tailored Advice for Your Investment Strategy

  • Our expert investment property buyers agents provide tailored advice for your investment strategy.
  • We help you make informed decisions about your investment property purchase.

Locate & Identify the Right Investment Properties

  • Our buyers agents live and breath the Melbourne property market
  • We understand the Melbourne demographics and how this is likely to impact future growth
  • We identify suburbs, streets within suburbs and property types with high potential for property appreciation, rental income, gentrification and future infrastructure development.
  • Our location data and market insights help you make informed real estate investment decisions.

Research and Connect with Sellers

  • We conduct extensive property market research to identify hidden gems in the market.
  • Our industry relationships can get you operating from the inside and uncover the best opportunities.
  • We will review as many properties as we need too in order to find the best fit
  • We help you negotiate the best purchase price for your investment property.
Let us do the legwork for you and take the time, stress and risk out of investing in property.

Our Proven Track Record


On average, we are able to secure an A-grade investment property within 60 days of being appointed.
This will depend on the season and the quality of the property available.
There is always a number of sub-markets that are operating within Melbourne that present great buying opportunities regardless of what stage of the property cycle the overall Melbourne market is in these markets can often be driven by demographic, economic and infrastructure changes so if you have the knowledge buying property can be a low risk strategy at any time.
To learn more about how an investment property buyers agent can help you find the perfect property, please fill out the contact form below.