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Accelerating Dreams of Property Ownership since 1992
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Home Purchasers

Upsizing, downsizing or simply moving to a new location, we save you time, money and stress to secure you the best possible option to meet your lifestyle requirements. This can often start with the right advice on where the best opportunities exist that match your particular needs as well as budget.

While home buyers are focused on the emotional elements and how the property and area connects with them, we can provide an unemotional and independent view. This allows our clients to make an informed decision based on the good, bad and the ugly so there are no surprises when they purchase.

A property purchase is simply too important not to get independent advice from property experts. Certainly not from the sales agent who’s role is to ‘sell’ you the property for the highest price.

Our home buyers are provided comfort knowing that they are professionally represented and also have a professional negotiator on their side saving them valuable dollars. Sound property advice goes beyond just finding a property, we provide you with advice on:

  • Buying your next home – the property types and what your money can buy
  • Extensive due diligence – ranging from zoning, planning permits to demographic and environmental aspects
  • Maximising value – strategies to value add
  • Current market trends – an independent overview of the property market in real time
  • Independent value – the actual worth of the property to mitigate any hidden surprises

How to prep for an auction

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