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Welcome to Buyers Advocate, Your Trusted Buyers Agent in Melbourne

At Buyers Advocate we specialise in the Melbourne market and work with all levels of residential home buyers and investors to achieve their lifestyle objectives. Our vision is to positively contribute to the lives of our clients.
We want to create a lasting impact on every client we work with which is why the majority of our business is repeat and word of mouth.
Our knowledge of the property market and where the best opportunities exist, together with our industry relationships & negotiation skills put our clients at a distinct advantage to other buyers.
If you are an investor we only source properties that fit in the top 5% of investment grade options that consistently outperform the market.
We also offer a boutique property management service as well as a vendor advocacy service if you need help to sell.

Understanding the Melbourne Property Market

At Buyers Advocate we have the local knowledge to deliver the best outcomes.
This familiarity with the local area enables us to advise on the impact of; being located in the best streets, being in certain school zones, the infrastructure close by, the gentrification that is occurring and the people that are moving into the area.
This knowledge is all critical in making the right decision, whether it is a home or an investment property.
Also all real estate agents/agencies are different and unless you have knowledge of their modus operandi you are likely to be left behind when it comes to positioning yourself ahead of other buyers and negotiating the best outcome.
Buying property is all about opportunity cost, it is not a product you pick off the shelf. If you are buying something it needs to stack up against other options that are available to you.
Be wary of a Buyer’s Agent that wants to sell you something, whether it be off the plan or property hotspots that they do not reside in. At Buyers Advocate we offer a tailored approach to your needs.

Why Choose Us?

At Buyers Advocate we have some of the most experienced advocates in the industry.
We are committed to continuous improvement – the industry is changing and so are we with the most up to date tools, research and technology to place our clients at a distinct advantage.
Our model is centred around you and once we understand your brief/criteria we source the best options in line with your requirements.
After all we are an advice based business. There are enough people out there trying to sell you something. If we won’t buy it we won’t recommend it!
Simply put our specialty is property and the Melbourne market.
Your Buyers Advocate/Buyers Agent is the person on the ground, dealing with agents, looking at property, communicating with you and completing the deal – no one in between to make a mistake.
We deliver trust. We provide honest opinions on market trends, conduct thorough property due diligence and advise on proven purchasing strategies.
We lay down the facts and address any concerns or emotions that may cloud your judgement.

We’ve Purchased Over $3 Billion in Property

When you engage Buyers Advocate, you have over 30 years of experience on your side in sourcing, assessing and negotiating residential property.

Our Buyer's Agent Process

Needs Analysis

Spend time with you to fully understand your detailed brief/criteria and identify the areas and the right property attributes within the budget that meet your lifestyle requirements and/or investment goals so you can make informed decisions.

Property Search/Sourcing

Extensive research of the entire real estate market including public listings, pre new property listings and off market properties that are not publicly listed.

Evaluation and Assessment

Detailed due diligence to properly assess the market value of the property and to identify any risks to the future enjoyment or capital growth of the property.


Determine the most effective purchase strategy and to establish the rules of the game whether it is a private sale or auction prior to making any offer so you are in a position of strength and get you positioned at the front of the que to secure the property for the lowest price.

Auction Bidding (if appropriate)

We develop the auction strategy that is going to put you in the best position to buy the property for the lowest price.
Let our buyers agents determine the best strategy whether it is making an offer prior to auction, bidding on the day to secure the property under the hammer or post auction negotiations if the property passes in.

If you have found the property and need assistance to buy it

We also have an analysis and negotiation service if you have found the property and want our due diligence and negotiation strategies to secure the property for the lowest possible price.
This includes all the services from the evaluation and assessment stage to settlement.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Investment Property Management

We provide a boutique property management service which translates to the highest possible standards of customer service and support.
We are able to provide this level of service as we ensure there is no more than 100 properties that are serviced per property manager.
This is in contrast to some of the larger firms which often have 200+ properties per property manager. This ensures you receive the highest levels of service and support.
All staff have significant industry experience and have been with Buyers Advocate for many years.
So all our clients benefit from the low turnover and consistency of communication.
All our properties rent within a short period of time, have zero arrears, an average rental period of over 2 years and a high satisfaction rating from both rental providers and renters.

Managed Sales

Our vendor advocate service is designed to assist the person selling achieve the best result with their home/investment with minimal stress.
We provide a sounding board to make the whole process as stress free as possible.
The service facilitates the sale of the property in conjunction with the most professional licensed estate agents.
All fees, sales methods, and campaign are negotiated in consultation with yourself.
Our fee is deducted from the real estate agents commission so you obtain the value of our insights without additional cost.

Awards And Certifications

Real Estate Buyers Agents Association of Australia (REBAA)
REIA (Real Estate Institute of Australia) logo
Real Estate Institute of Victoria (REIV)

Frequently Asked Questions

A good Buyers Advocate will save you time, money and stress in two primary ways;

Buy the right property:

  • Get you operating from the inside to gain access to as many options as possible, whether they are on the market, off-market or upcoming listings that fit with your criteria
  • They should also have the experience and knowledge to conduct the necessary due diligence to make certain you can move forward confidently and avoid any future surprises

For the right price:

  • Understand their values and know the attributes that are going to impact price
  • Know the questions to ask to gather information about the vendor motivations, your competition and the agency modus operandi
  • Use this knowledge to put you in a position of strength at the negotiating table or at auction
Buyers Advocate has been operating for over 30 years, making us one of the first in our industry in Australia.
This gives us the experience, skills and knowledge our competitors are unable to match.
A buyer’s advocate or buyer’s agent is a person appointed to represent and assist a buyer during the purchase of a property.
They can conduct detailed due diligence to make certain it is the right property and are able to negotiate on your behalf to ensure a successful outcome on behalf of their client.
Whether you are intending on setting up your own buyer’s agency or working alongside an existing buyer’s agent, you will need to make sure you meet the requirements for the specific state/s in which you are operating.
Each state has its own laws and licensing requirements regarding property transactions. To get started, please make an enquiry to the REIV.
You can also contact the Real Estate Buyer’s Agents Association (REBAA).