Vendor Advocate Melbourne

We provide a vendor advocacy service to manage and drive the sales process to maximise the price of your property in a seamless and stress free way.

Understanding Vendor Advocacy Service

A vendor advocate will act on behalf of the seller to navigate the complexities of the real estate market and ensure you have the best experience with your property sale.
This includes tasks such as selecting the right real estate agent, negotiating commissions, overseeing marketing strategies, and keeping the agent accountable from listing to settlement.
We are able to take charge of the process starting with independent advice around the sales price and timing.
This can be done discreetly and confidentially avoiding the pressure and stress of managing the process yourself and having real estate agents bombard you for the business.
We will also be a sounding board during tricky negotiations to make certain the right communication and decisions are made in relation to offers.
Our fee is deducted from the agents commission so it does not cost you anymore to have our representation and assistance.

Empower your property sale with our vendor advocates. Get started today for a seamless selling experience.

Our Vendor Advocacy Services in Melbourne

Comprehensive Market Analysis

Before getting started we will inspect the property and provide a comprehensive market analysis. This will include;

Personalised Sales Strategies

Once we have a good understanding of the property we will then develop a personalised sales strategy taking into account;

Experience a smoother selling process with our vendor advocate services. Start maximising your property's value today.

Why Choose Us for Your Vendor Advocacy Needs?

As a buyers advocate company we provide a unique insight into what buyers are looking for and what they expect of a real estate agent in order to engage with them and to pay a premium price.
We are able to identify quickly who the most likely purchasers are for your home or investment property and guide you on the sales campaign and negotiation tactics that are likely to appeal to those buyers.
We interact with agents every day and know the ones that are best suited to represent your property. We are also able to direct the team and process required to maximise the sales result.
Real estate agents can communicate a lot of information throughout a campaign that can often be difficult to digest and filter as to what is relevant and important to act upon.
We are able to take the lead and to hold your hand throughout the whole process and most importantly keep the real estate agent accountable.

Our Vendor Advocacy Process

Clarify Objectives

  • Understand the reasons for the sale and what you are looking to achieve
  • Inspect the property and provide an independent view on what we think the property is worth
  • Identify the best approach to meet your objectives and maximise the sales price

Agency Selection

  • Identify the best selling agent & team to represent the property
  • Invite the agreed agent to the property to provide a listing presentation
  • If there is not a fit we will arrange a 2nd or 3rd agency presentation


  • Review and refine timetable, sales method, marketing plan, property presentation and expenditure
  • Outline our expectations and your preferred level of involvement in the process
  • Identify other team members required eg solicitor to prepare paperwork


  • Keep the agent accountable on executing the plan
  • Manage information flow and focus on what is important
  • Provide a sounding board throughout the process


  • Provide advice on any offers
  • Hold your hand during the auction process (if appropriate)
  • Continued support until the property settles

What Our Clients Are Saying

Frequently Asked Questions About Vendor Advocacy

Most people are only involved with selling property once every 7-10 years and many have little to no experience.

A vendor advocate will be able to guide you to select the best selling agents, marketing campaign, sales method and to hold your hand through the entire process to keep the agent accountable to deliver the best result.

The vendor advocates fee is deducted from the agents commission so there is no extra cost for our service.
Don’t get sucked in to agents who give an unrealistic price to win your business. Focus on the best team and marketing strategy to deliver the result. If there is a buyer at a higher price point they will find them, not the agent who only has the value proposition of a high market appraisal.