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Accelerating Dreams of Property Ownership since 1992

Full Search and Acquisition Service

A complete service that covers all of the leg work for you. We source, inspect, negotiate and secure you the right property to suit your needs. Many aspects and variables have to be taken into consideration when purchasing a property and each is addressed and dealt with appropriately, such as:

  • What to look for when buying a house – physically and the surrounding environment?
  • How to deal with sales agents?
  • What questions to ask or to avoid?
  • How to buy at auctions?
  • How to buy at private sales?
  • How to negotiate to get the best possible outcome?
  • How to navigate a changing market effectively?
  • How does settlement work?
  • How to value what the property is worth?

While keeping you abreast of each stage and process so that you can make an informed decision, we make your buying experience less confusing, frustrating, stressful and time consuming.

We deliver peace of mind.

How to prep for an auction

Fill in the form below and one of our friendly team members will get in touch. Or, if you prefer, you can call us directly on(03) 9818 4499