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Full Search and Acquisition Service

In this complete service, we do all the leg work in finding, inspecting, negotiating and securing the right property for your needs. There are many aspects and issues to consider when buying a house or property such as:

  • What to look for when buying a house – physically and the surrounding environment?
  • How to deal with real estate agents?
  • How to buy at auctions?
  • How to buy at private sales?
  • How does settlement work?
  • How to value what the property is worth?

Often the buying experience can be confusing, frustrating, stressful, disappointing and time consuming. At Buyer’s Advocate, we are in the business of buying property for our clients every day. We are professionally trained and qualified and best of all, we are passionate in delivering you peace of mind when buying a property. In order to do this, we follow 5 key steps:

Needs Analysis
Finding what you want
Finding properties that match
Property Analysis & Due Diligence
Checking it thoroughly
Securing it at auction, by private sale or other means
Support while property is under contract through to settlement