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Analysis & Negotiation

If you’ve found the perfect property, but are unsure of how to secure it, the Analysis and Negotiation service is for you. Here we analyse, value, negotiate and/or bid at auction a successful purchase of a property. We make sure all the right questions are asked and background checks are completed, such as:

  • How long the property has been on the market?
  • What the interest has been from potential buyers?
  • What real estate agents have been quoting to buyers?
  • What information has real estate agents been saying to buyers?
  • How much the property is worth?
  • Have there been any prior offers made?
  • How much it will take for the property to sell?
  • What other features, characteristics, legal/zoning/owner corporation matters that may add value or decrease the value of a property?

We ensure we gather as much information for your benefit and put you in the best possible position. The Negotiation & Auction Bidding Service covers involves 4 core activities:

Needs Analysis
Finding what you want
Property Analysis & Due Diligence
Checking it thoroughly
Securing it at auction, by private sale or other means
Support while property is under contract through to settlement