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Managed Sale

Also referred to as Vendor Advocacy. We offer independent advice, assist and provide support before, during and after the sale of your property.

We work with you to achieve the best possible result while working in conjunction with the selling agent. All fees, sales methods and campaign are negotiated in consultation with you. Our fee is deducted from the agents commission so it does not cost you anymore to have our representation and assistance.

Starting with independent advice on the property value, we will also;

  • Help select only the most competent, senior and professional agent who will effectively manage the campaign
  • Negotiate the commission for the sale with the agent
  • Advise on the different methods of sale and the pros and cons of each
  • Discuss the presentation and preparation of your property including any staging or hire furniture that may be deemed advisable
  • Advise the best marketing strategy for the property and negotiate on the marketing fees with the agent
  • Advise on who to appoint to organise contracts and vendor statement.
  • Assist with the communications with the agent and make certain we only focus on the relevant details at hand
  • Make certain to ask the right questions during the campaign and keep the agent honest and accountable during the process
  • Advise on any offers that are received and also attend the auction whilst the selling agent conducts the auction
  • Ensure contracts are correctly completed and that your legal advisor is kept informed of any special requests
  • Provide a sounding board for any questions or issues you may have during the campaign
  • At all times provide you with complete independent advice and manage the campaign with the upmost professionalism

Once the campaign is underway, we will assist with the communications with the agent to obtain the best possible outcome and reduce the stresses of the sales process.

We only deal with and appoint the best agent for you and your home.

How to prep for an auction

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