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Accelerating Dreams of Property Ownership since 1992

Act Now for a Winning Position in Spring Real Estate

  • Low stock levels in many suburbs demand immediate action
  • Waiting until September could cost you dearly
  • Joining the rush in Spring risks being trampled on and left behind
  • Escalating market prices make affordable options scarcer

Taking immediate action provides you with a substantial edge.

The perfect property may emerge in Winter, but even if it doesn’t, starting early provides a head start. At Buyers Advocate, we offer a results-driven fee structure. You pay based on success, with only a 20% retainer up front. We work tirelessly until we secure your perfect property at a great price.

Before appointing us, we conduct a thorough needs analysis, understanding your priorities. Once appointed, we shape and refine your criteria based on our market insights. Avoid wasting time on unsuitable properties or ones beyond your budget. Focus on realistic options and areas where success is within reach.

In the first few weeks, we present available options and gather your feedback. If choices are limited, we review past sales to identify missed opportunities. This process puts us in your shoes and educates you on suitable options within your budget. Clarifying your must-haves, nice-to-haves, and potential compromises ensures a clear vision.

With a well-defined criteria, we proactively approach agencies for upcoming or off-market opportunities. Our reputation as serious buyers, who conduct thorough due diligence, opens doors. Don’t worry if you have a property to sell; we can often secure properties with long settlements without compromising your negotiation power.

Appointing Buyers Advocate during winter carries no risk. Our process positions you strongly for Spring when stock levels increase. At the very least, you’ll be ahead of those just beginning their due diligence when Spring arrives. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to secure your dream property by calling us for a free, no-obligation chat about your ideal property on (03) 9818 4499 or contact Leigh on

How to prep for an auction

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