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Accelerating Dreams of Property Ownership since 1992

Why Us?

Clients of Buyer’s Advocate have long benefited from the specialised asset selection, extensive due diligence and strategic acquisition processes we provide to enable not only a stress free journey but also knowing that they are being professionally represented at all times.

There are some key factors that make Buyers Advocate truly unique;

Experience and commitment

As the industry has grown, so has people entering it, all offering different services with different fee structures. Property is simply too important and expensive not to have the best people represent you. At Buyers Advocate we have some of the most experienced advocates in the industry and you have a business behind you with over 30 years experience and 2 bn in property purchases. We are all full time property people with the vision to be the most respected and customer focused Buyers Advocate business in Melbourne. Our purpose is to accelerate the dreams of property ownership.

We are committed to continuous improvement – the industry is changing and so are we with the most up to date tools, research and technology to place our clients at a distinct advantage.

Tailored approach

Our model is centred around you, the client. Once we understand your brief/criteria we source the best options in line with your requirements. After all we are an advice based business. There are enough people out there trying to sell you something. If we won’t buy it we won’t recommend it!


Simply put our specialty is property and the Melbourne market. We are not trying to be all things to all people. We are not financial planners, accountants, mortgage brokers, solicitors or sales agents masquerading as a Buyers Advocate. We are just very good at property sourcing, negotiation and management.

We also stick to our patch and that’s the Melbourne market. We understand where the best opportunities exist, infrastructure, property types, streets, agents, auctioneers and selling methods better than anyone, placing you at a distinct advantage.

Your Buyers Advocate is the person on the ground, dealing with agents, looking at property, communicating with you and completing the deal – no one in between to make a mistake. Buying property well requires knowledge of the market, agent, vendor motivations and using this information to source good quality property and buy well – you need one person controlling every aspect otherwise the potential for mistakes is magnified


We deliver trust. We provide honest opinions on market trends, conduct thorough property due diligence and advise on proven purchasing strategies. Our Buyer’s Advocates work with openness and transparency to ensure you are well informed each step of the way, from value for money, the benefits, the downsides and how to avoid any unwanted surprises. We lay down the facts and address any concerns or emotions that may cloud your judgment.

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How to prep for an auction

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