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Accelerating Dreams of Property Ownership since 1992

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Typically people are driven by their fears and aspirations. If any of these points resonate with you then you are likely to be a good fit for Buyers Advocate.

Pain Points


  • Fear of missing out
  • Fear of the market moving up
  • Paying too much for a property
  • Not buying the right property
  • Being pressured to buy something that does not suit
  • Buying a property that underperforms the market
  • Don’t know how to negotiate the best outcome


  • Not knowing what I want
  • Not knowing where to start
  • Keep missing out at auction
  • Don’t want to deal with agents who are not honest
  • Being harassed by agents
  • Not having the time to source for appropriate options
  • Navigate effectively through the various sales methods and differing agent styles
  • Not having the time to conduct detailed due diligence
  • Agents know me and my financial capacity


  • Build knowledge
  • Access to off market opportunities
  • Negotiate a great price
  • How to flip properties
  • How to develop


  • Own a home that meets lifestyle requirements
  • Build a property portfolio
  • Replace my income with passive property income
  • Buy for my kids so they will have a home when they get older
  • Get into the market so as circumstances change I have equity to buy what I want
  • To be a developer/renovator

How to prep for an auction

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